Bendigo Chorale

Musical Director

 The Bendigo Chorale is an incorporated body and is managed by an elected committee. 
The Musical Director is appointed by the Committee.

The Musical Director has responsibility for:
   - taking weekly rehearsals
   - conducting at concerts except when an outside conducter is engaged
   - programme selection in consultation with the Committee
   - selection of guest artists in consultation with the Committee
   - maintaining or improving the current standard of the choir's work
   - preparing the choir for at least two public performances each year


Rehearsals are conducted weekly on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm to 9.30pm
The number of rehearsals per year would not exceed 45

Terms of appointment
   There would be a 6 month probationary period
   The initial appointment would be for two years
   Termination of the appointment would be by the Musical Director or the
   Committee giving 3 months notice
   Honorarium by negotiation